How To Minimize Nasolabial Fold Lines Overnight

TLDR: Sleeping on your side or stomach contributes to deeper Nasolabial Fold Lines. Find pillow suggestions below to retrain how you sleep and protect your face.

Nasolabial Fold lines are commonly called laugh lines and smile lines. You will find them around your nose and mouth, right where your cheek ends.

These lines are a normal part of the human face and can be seen on everyone, from babies to adults. As we get older, however, these lines become more prominent and noticeable.

According to Medical News Today, there are various factors that cause noticeable nasolabial folds:

  • sun exposure, which damages the skin, causing wrinkles and changes in texture
  • loss of collagen with age, making the skin look weak and thin
  • loss of fat, which can make the cheeks and nearby regions appear saggy (source)

There are cosmetic procedures, like dermal fillers and skin resurfacing, that reduce the appearance of these lines, but they are expensive. Fillers can cost anywhere from $500 to over $1,500, and laser skin resurfacing costs an average of $2,330.

Thankfully, there are natural alternatives to these pricey procedures, and the most effective trick to preventing or diminishing laugh lines is to adjust how you sleep.

If you’re like most people, you sleep on your side. According to one source, only 8% of people sleep on their back, and 92% sleep on their side or stomach.

Sleeping on your side or stomach causes nasolabial fold lines.

Your cheek is pushed into the pillow and reinforces the laugh line.

You can see how the line is reinforced in the photo above. Her right cheek is being pushed against her hand so that the cheek pushes forward. And let’s be honest, she’s is holding her cheek gently. In reality, the damage would be far worse than this example.

If you need more convincing, here is another factor to consider:

If you sleep on your side, you are pushing your cheek for the entire duration of your sleep, which can be anywhere from 5 to 8 hours.

For 5-8 hours of the day, you might be unknowingly contributing to laugh lines.

The Solution

Use an Anti-Wrinkle Face Pillow to help you sleep on your back. These pillows have a barrier on both sides to encourage your head to rest in place overnight.

YourFacePillow sells one on Amazon with amazing reviews from over 900 customers.

Here is one customer’s 5-Star Review:

“I purchased this pillow for my wife after her waking up day after day complaining about the deep eye creases under her eyes. My wife is normally a side sleeper and has a tendency to “smoosh” her cheek into and up a bit causing her under eye area to create deep lines. I looked into various pillows carefully taking into consideration reviews on various sites not just amazon. The Your Face Pillow kept popping up everywhere with great reviews. It arrived when stated in a nice box with a note. It was definitely shaped like a pillow we’ve never seen! There was no scent which was nice. She has now slept on it for 4 nights and has noticed a HUGE difference in her under eye area! No large deep creases at all. She also is not experiencing the normal neck kinks that she is so use too. She is trying to become a back sleeper and has done well most of the nights with turning on her side a couple times. There is plenty of room to be either a back or side sleeper although she’s insisting she WILL train herself to sleep on her back to help stop wrinkles from forming any earlier then they need too lol! Definitely recommend this pillow to any ladies or men who want to help decrease sleep lines and wrinkles as well as get a good support pillow.”

That’s right! A wrinkle-preventing pillow will help with your nasolabial folds AND under eye creases. This is a great product for two-in-one.

This pillow retails for $69.99. Find the link: here.

For adamant side sleepers, consider the JuveRest pillow created by Dr. Anson. See their below/after photos: here. It costs more than YourFacePillow, but it’s much less expensive than a filler or laser treatment!

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