5 Collagen Boosting Drinks To Prevent Wrinkles

It’s no secret that diet affects our skin. Marmur, author of Simple Skin Beauty, even claimed that most dermatologists would agree that food causes acne and other negative skin conditions.

Thankfully, the opposite is true, as well. There are foods that boost collagen production in our bodies and promote healthy, glowing skin. Even as our bodies produce less collagen every year, we can prevent any severe loss and boost our skin’s ability to regenerate healthy skin cells.

Why You Should Consume Collagen Boosting Drinks

There are plenty of supplements that claim to promote the production of collagen, so why should you focus on drinks?

First, healthy drinks and fresh foods are the safest ways to prevent wrinkles. It’s hard to know what supplements actually contain, and if they are effective. It’s easier to trust a green smoothie made at home over a supplement.

Second, consuming collagen in the form of a drink is faster than eating a collagen-rich meal. There are plenty of foods that promote healthy skin, but they take more time to make and consume.

1. Kale Smoothie

Kale is a magical vegetable. It’s high in antioxidants; it can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease; it helps you absorb more calcium than milk, and it has been shown to increase collagen.

Martina C. Meinke and her team published a study on the “Influences of Orally Taken Carotenoid-Rich Curly Kale Extract on Collagen“.

They’re conclusions were amazing! Compared to the placebo group, the tested group of women had a significantly higher collagen and elastin ration.

It’s time to Kale Up! Find the BEST Kale Smoothie Recipe: Here.

2. No-Sugar Added Orange Juice or Grapefruit Juice

Citrus fruit like oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes have high amounts of Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is crucial to building collagen, so it’s a good idea to incorporate it into your morning routine.

Why not recommend lemonade or limeade? Because Orange Juice and Grapefruit Juice can be made without added sugar. It is difficult to drink pure lemon and water without adding some kind of sweeter, and cane sugar has been shown to destroy collagen.

3. Green Tea or Matcha Tea

Green Tea and Matcha Tea are high in antioxidants, which have been shown to “reduce collagen degradation“.

So swap that coffee for some tea, and keep extra tea bags in your work bag!

Since Matcha is so expensive in smaller quantities, I always recommend a giant Costco bag of Matcha tea. It comes out to less than a $1 per serving, which is cheaper than your typical Starbucks drink.

4. Carrot Juice

Similar to citrus juices, carrot juice is high in Vitamin C and prevents the degradation of collagen. Additionally, carrots are high in Vitamin B, D, and E, which have been shown to promote healthy, beautiful skin.

While carrot juice is hard to drink by itself, I highly recommend mixing it with other fruit. Find a delicious Carrot Juice Recipe: here. I can drink this exact combination almost every day.

5. Skin Detox Tea

Not only do teas specifically formulated for skincare have antioxidant ingredients, like Green Tea, they are packed with other beneficial ingredients.

Yogi Soothing Rose Hibiscus Skin DeTox Tea, for example, includes orange peel, burdock root, and red clover, which can detoxify your skin and internal organs.

Collagen Beyond Skin

While it is recommended to get your collagen from fruits and vegetables, you can also take it in supplement form. Be sure that whatever supplement you chose has passed rigorous testing by outside organizations, like ConsumerLab, NSF International, or Labdoor. Companies that have their products tested display their standards proudly on the front label or on their website.

Aim for a Grass Fed Collagen Supplement since multiple studies point to Grass Fed products being superior to their non-grass fed rivals.

Vital Proteins sells a Grass Fed Collagen Powder that has been tested by NSF International.

Keep in mind that collagen goes beyond promoting skin appearance and firmness. Collagen has been shown to reduce joint pain and protect bones.

DISCLAIMER: This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding your diet or supplements. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read on this website.

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