Review: Swissokolab Gold Eye Mask

Honest Review of Swissokolab Gold Eye Mask.

Cost: $10.97

Quantity: 12 Pairs in one package

Amazon Link: Here

Amazon Reviews: 4.5/5 Stars

Purhcased directly from Amazon

Product sold by SWISSOKOLAB

Honest Review Down Below:

Before First Use:

After First Use:

Skin felt more hydrated compared to the rest of my skin (used after a shower) but in my opinion it doesn’t look different (at least after the 1st use).

After Second Use:

Skin feels plump, fine lines around my eyes (smile lines) appear more filled in/looks hydrated 


Packaging is easy for multiple uses (comes in 12 one-time use packs), product fits the under eye area well shape wise & noticeable hydration lasting for at least 30 min..


The eye masks start to slide down after a few minutes so you have to slide them back up to where you want them under the eye (for reference I slid up 3x in a 25 min period).

Would you try them again?


Would you recommend it to a friend?

I would recommend it for an economical option to do eye masks as part of your weekly skin routine. At this point (which could change for me after a couple more uses over the next 1.5 weeks especially when I’m traveling), I wouldn’t buy or recommend if it wasn’t on sale.

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