Review: Whole Foods Cotton Cupra Collection Facial Mask Set

Honest Review of Whole Foods Cotton Cupra Collection Facial Mask Set

Cost: $12.99 (This is for a 5 pack set, with 5 different masks. They also sell masks individually for $2.99)

Quantity: 5 Pack, 3.8oz

Amazon Link: Here & Individual Masks: Here, Here

Sans Botox Rating: 5/5 Stars


Differences in Skin After Using The Pack: “Skin immediately feels more hydrated, moisturized and clean. Since moving from Boston to Florida, my skin has had quite an adjustment with the weather, specifically the humidity and resulting in whiteheads in some areas and even dryness in others. I feel like all of the masks have helped to address the dryness (brightening apple, clarifying papaya and age defying acai specifically).”

Favorite Masks in the Pack: Brightening Apple and Clarifying Papaya

Immediately After Use:

Pros: “First off, I love the packaging. It’s minimalistic, aesthetically pleasing and includes easy to read information/instructions. The masks themselves should get 10/10 stars just based on the quality without even taking into consideration their effectiveness on skin. They stay on my face (even when I’m walking around the house/doing other things) and don’t slide down if I’m looking down at my laptop or phone. The masks also are very saturated in product and the cotton material is soft on the skin. One area of my face that I have breakouts at is along my chin/jawline. Depending on where you position the masks, you have enough of the mask to wrap around/tuck under your chin/jawline which I like (as opposed to the ones that just barely hit your chin and you have to use the remaining product after you take the mask off to try to bring it down to your jawline. One of the masks specifically (brightening apple) had a slight tingling effect when first applied. After removing 15 minutes later, the areas that tingled were slightly red (pic attached) but I knew that was the area where the mask was really working. After about 20 minutes, the redness settled and my skin just looked generally brighter.”

Skin After 20 Minutes:

Cons: Nothing yet.

Would You Try It Again: Yes

Would You Recommend It: Yes – I am already planning on buying them for friends/family for stocking stuffers around the holidays!

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